1861. Activities and workshops for school and families

Tour of Italy
Exhibition and workshop
A visit to the exhibition to learn more about Risorgimento history. At the workshop, reflections on the idea of collectivity as the union of many individuals who create a whole. To create an imaginary map of our history through the words of unity of Italy.

families • 7>11 years old
Saturday and Sunday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm
activity + ticket exhibition €12.00 per child
bookings advisable €1.50 tel. 06 39967500

Special integrated workshop ticket Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Scuderie del Quirinale € 18.00

family special: activities + ticket exhibition € 10.00 per child
ticket exhibition € 7.50 per adult (max 2 persons)
booking advisable € 1.50

schools • kindergarten and primary school
Monday to Friday at 10:00am and 11:30am
admission € 4.00 per student (free for kindergarten kids)
activities € 80.00 per class group
reservation required tel. 06 39967200


Ongoing exhibition

5 March - 21 June 2015

The exhibition sets out to explore the intense appeal that the East, the Orient, held for a Westerner like Matisse. Approximetaly 100 works from some of the most prestigious museums in Europe and America. Matisse. Arabesque until June, 21. Buy the ticket on line.

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