• Encounters with Memling

    from 22 October to 10 December 2014

    A rich programme of encounters and lectures to tie with the exhibition, offering the public an opportunity to explore some of the issues in greater depth. The curator and a number of highly authoritative art historians will be exploring the most salient aspects of Hans Memling's work.

  • Spot! 20 minutes in a work of art

    from 14 November 2014 to 9 January 2015

    A new edition of Spot!, a rendez-vous at cocktail hour offering a guide to the interpretation of a work of art. A series of three encounters designed to allow the public to gain a deeper understanding of Hans Memling and of his art, taking an innovative look at the man and his work.

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The exhibition Matisse. Arabesque uses the echo of objects from rich and sumptuous figurative cultures, from the hybrid contamination of genres and styles, to bring back to life both the splendour and the delicacy of a bygone, simple world.

March - June 2015


The Educational Department of the Scuderie del Quirinale and Palazzo delle Esposizioni makes a special effort to bring youth closer to the language and practices of art, proposing new ways of observing and interpreting reality.

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Memling. Rinascimento fiammingo

activities and workshops for schools and families
from 12 October 2014 to 18 Jenuary 2015
Memling's images become stories to be shuffled and reassembled so that we can reinterpret the story in an interesting and fun way.

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